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    Mitel Bluetooth Module & Handset

    With Mitel Bluetooth integration, desk-bound users can enjoy the mobility, hands-free operation and features provided by Bluetooth technology. The Mitel Bluetooth Handset fits into the handset cradle of the Mitel 5330, 5340, and 5360 IP Phones. When connected to the Mitel Bluetooth Module, it provides cord-free communication as far as 10 meters (30 feet) away.

    The Bluetooth Module pairs a commercially available Bluetooth device with the abovementioned Mitel IP Phones. A separately purchasable device, the Bluetooth Module fits discretely into the existing compartment at the back of the Mitel IP Phone. It supports a Mitel Bluetooth Handset as well as a vast number of third-party Bluetooth handsets from numerous manufacturers.

    Each Bluetooth Module provides the following features:

    The Bluetooth Handset provides users with these features:

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