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    Technical Support

    The Tech Company offers full 24x7x365 suppport for its customers on maintenance agreements. If you have an outage, a network technician has already been notified by our monitoring system. If service is expected to be unavailable for more than one hour, you will be notified.

    For all other technical inquiries, please feel free to call us for support at the number below.

    Technical Support: (321) 837-3900

    After regular business hours, additional charges may apply.

    When instructed by a technician to use ScreenConnect, please click on the link above
    and the technician will supply a code that needs to be entered on the following page.
    When prompted, install the ScreenConnect client software and the techician will connect shortly.

    When working with a technician, please click on the proper link above and install Teamviewer for remote support.
    When prompted, install the software and follow the on-screen instructions.
    When finished, you will see a screen with that shows Your ID and Password. Please have that information ready for the technician.

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